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Ivo Kerssemakers, Fine Art Photographer, Murrells Inlet, SC

 "Recently A. David Griffin agreed to help me implement a social media advertising campaign for my second business.  Time was a crucial element because I needed to increase energy and visibility for my upcoming Art Shows; as well as generate more prospective Ideal Customers Leads to increase my capacity for higher sales conversions during the holiday season.
   At first I was a little reluctant but within a few days I could see the tangible effort and results of A. David's work.  A. David went above and beyond my expectations, within the first week he increased my Facebook Page LIKES by 10,000%, found the right audience for my product, and introduced it to over 13,000 prospective customers.
   A. David also managed the Content for my business page with outstanding, relevant, and unique articles that drew a lot of admiration, which helped to build a core group of fans for my Facebook Business Page, and more importantly, freed up a lot of my time to concentrate on what I do best, create my art.  It is a pleasure working with A. David, he understands me, the market and how my fine art is best presented to the marketplace, and he has no shortage of creative ideas to do so."

James Howard, JHoward Films, LLC

"Even though I began my FACEBOOK Advertising later than I should have, A. David Griffin responded quickly to me and took on my project and provided me with excellent service. He created my FACEBOOK business page, my advertisements and generated double the converted leads I anticipated. I definitely recommend Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions and A. David Griffin for my future marketing and advertising needs."

Jay L, Business Owner

"A. David Griffin is personable professional who is committed to helping you succeed with proven marketing strategies that will bring you MAXIMUM PROFITS quickly. Did I say this guy is FUN to work with too? It's hard to find good help with people you actually like. A. David is definitely one of these endangered species, so work with him if he is still available and has openings left for you!"

Ed C, Business Owner

“A. David is a professional to the highest degree. One of the things I admire most about A. David is his passion to constantly execute and grow his business and influence. He is passionate about people, God, and making the biggest impact in this world possible. He understands marketing and the process from client acquisition to how to optimize business effectiveness and profitability. If you're looking for someone to help grow your business, A. David is your man!”

Rashad Cohen

"In this particular season of my life I felt lost; as if I reached my pinnacle of success. I had created a flourishing mentoring program, I’ve spoken to thousand’s of young people. I’m currently serving as the president of a renown non-profit organization; I’ve traveled across the nation and influenced many people to become energized contributors to our society.  

Recently I got to the point where I was just stagnant. It wasn’t until I sat down A. David Griffin did things change. First we came up with a clear, logical & strategic plan that will position me so that I can pursue and achieve my larger dreams. Dreams of fatherhood, expanding my audience, and becoming prolific thru community engaging actions.

Within just 1 hour I went from feeling ‘lost’ to now having confidence, coupled with sound knowledge, for the next crucial steps so that I can continue being successful in my life."

Tyrone P, Business Owner

“A. David is a proven leader that will guide your business to new levels of growth. Integrity, passion, creativity and experience make A. David an incredible consultant and industry leader.”
Meet Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions...
Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions was created for two types of small business owners.

#1. The owner who once experienced what successful growth is like and has become dissatisfied with the current stagnation they feel their business has become stuck in.

#2. The owner who is experiencing great growth and sees potential for more - but just can’t seem to find the time or expertise in-house to see it realized.
Both are quite possibly working too hard in their businesses, to have time to work on their businesses.

If your past experiences with consultants left you less than wanting to name your children after them, then LPS is just what you may need.  

Within our core, in our very conception, we have intentionally remained a niche consultancy firm. Yet, because we have nurtured relationships with some of the sharpest and most successful minds in the national & International marketing arena - we can deliver world class results, extremely fast - unmatched in costs for our clients. This causes our competition to stay up late at night trying to figure out how we do it.  

And I like that.

Our clients receive the very best, at the most reasonable price point available.  

And they really like that too. 

If you’re a small business owner who is sick and tired of being placed in a ‘Customer-Cue’ awaiting your turn to have your problems resolved then I invite you to schedule an appointment with Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions NOW. 

Remember - ‘Fortune favors those who take action’.

Client’s of LPS benefit by receiving user-friendly information / data, which I will personally guide you through. Data which can - most times - quickly reveal new insights into your business.   

Those insights will lead you directly to more business opportunities, increasing your profits (sometimes doubling your profits within the first six months) while minimizing your risk’s - by avoiding them altogether.

Simply put… I help business owners make better decisions so they can capitalize and make more profits for their business, while cultivating more premium customers who are loyal to their brands. your services, and your products.

As a service provider and businessman for over ten years, a professional Life-coach for 27 years, and a former pastor, I have developed a keen sense of what works and what does not work. Or what merely needs attention and twerking to optimize proficiency.    

Your business deserves a personal touch by someone with the intuition, skill and training to ‘go where others can’t ~ to get you what you want…the money.'
Here’s what I can personally 100% guarantee my clients:
  • Step One: We become acquainted...
  • “A good marketing campaign will repel as well as attract” - Jay Abraham
  • One of the most effective marketing skills is to discover as soon as possible if your client is a good fit for you. So I spend some integral time getting acquainted with you. I don’t want to meet with you one day and discover that we’ve wasted thousands of dollars because we were ill suited for one another. Especially when that can be avoided by investing a little more time on the front end.
  •  Step Two: We embed ourselves in your business…
  • In your business head that is….to discover what you’re passionate about. “What makes you ‘get up and make the doughnuts every morning?”
  • By working collaboratively we will discover what motivated you to begin your business. What are you hoping to get out of it? What are the types of things you are doing to achieve those dreams?
  • And more importantly…what is hindering you from achieve those dreams?
  •  Step Three: We identify the problems…then we fix those problems...
  • It’s really that direct. Sometimes the road to resolution may be a little more winding than other times, but I guarantee you that I will remain buckled up right beside you until we reach your destination. The resolutions of those business roadblocks that have hindered your business from realizing it’s fullest potential and maximizing your profits. In other words…”I call shot-gun!”
  •  Step Four: We meet and interact frequently...
  • As your business pulses with growth generated by increasing R.O.I’s and lowering your C.O.A’s. 
  •  Step Five: We help you cultivate the premium lifetime buying of your premium customers… 
  • By educating you in the same skills we will implement together so that your business will continue to expand and flourish long after I move on. By elevating your value in the your market we help you to achieve those goals we discovered you had possibly long forgotten or believed where possible.
More Testimonials From Clients/Partners...
Anniesha D. Walker, MSW, LCSW, Mercer Street Friends, Executive Deputy Director

“Over the past four years, I have had the opportunity to observe him in multiple capacities. In his various roles, A. David Griffin has proven himself to be passionate about serving his client’s and has pushed limits in trying to meet their needs. His commitment though, is not only to others, but also his own professional development. He also takes initiative in completing tasks independently as well as stimulates teamwork among his colleagues.
It has been a pleasure having A. David work with our staff and I am certain that he would be an asset to your organization."
Reginald J. Coleman, BGCA, Inc., Executive Director
“One of A. David’s gifts is that he is a great communicator and reads people quite well. Our organization has benefitted from this quite often as Albert hasn’t only mentored our clients but has sat down with our staff and has had some very encouraging conversations with them lending some much needed inspiration just to get through the day. I speak not only for myself but our organization when I say A. David will truly be missed but will always be remembered. We wish him nothing but success as he moves forward in the next phase of his life. Whoever is lucky enough to land him in their company or organization must know that they are receiving a true gem.”
Edgar Rios, Detective, Retired from the Trenton Police Department

“I have known and worked closely with A. David for the past eight years. He has consistently demonstrated a reliable and dedicated work ethic. He has maintained open and clear communication with staff as well as clients.   

My experience in working with A. David has allowed me to view his remarkable ability to be a mentor to those he works with. He provides counseling services as well as preparation for employment such as interviewing strategies. The trust and guidance he offers has guided many young men and women to reach beyond their comfort zone to achieve successful employment and to obtain valuable life skills.

It is my opinion that your client’s would greatly benefit from A. David’s experience and commitment towards guiding others. I can truly recommend him to your business without any reservations. Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any further assistance.”