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No, it won’t be easy.

In a study entitled “BEWARE Of BARTER: The Ins And Outs Of Trading Your Tee Times” ©NGCOA 2020, surveyed its membership to share their experiences with bartering their tee times. 

Here’s what one single course owner had to say when surveyed by the National Golf Course Owners Association.

“We bartered with GolfNow and calculated that we lost $5,000 – $6,000 that year as a result of the barter. Now we control all our own pricing 100% of the time and barter nothing!” – Anonymous

And yes, it’ll probably be a bit scary too…at first.

Here are a few of their respondents:

“For courses that have become dependent on OTTAs, I understand the fear of moving away. I can only speak for our course, but there was no negative impact on revenue.” — Single Course Owner

“My staff appreciates that there is no questioning on price and no negative interaction with the golfer regarding what our value is based on “Hot Deal’ rates. All golfers are treated the same and appreciate the value we have to offer.”— Single Course Owner

“If you do not do anything in regards to marketing your course and just want players in the door at any price, then bartering is probably an option. It’s just not something we care to be involved in.” — Single Course Owner

Can you imagine loving the game and industry of golf as much as Todd and other GM’s and owners like him?

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And So more if you’re ready for the TRUTH about the OTTA marketing machine that’s helping to close more and more golf courses every year.

Here’s one more NGCOA’s members of experience using OTTA Bartering.

“Perhaps the worst idea ever to hit the golf market, its’a circular firing squad.” — (Single Course Owner)


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