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  • Better hiring practices you’ll acquire…
  • At least 50% more productivity from your employees…
  • A significant reduction in lost Time & Labor earnings…
  • Something your competitors won’t have…access to the most innovative strategies that will add more profits to your bottom line…

real Results

Here Are True Real-Life Testimonies.

"I really think the program was very, very informative. Especially brought it down to the ‘small business level’. And how to relate to certain principles in small business to target the market effectively."

Darryl Cate, Small Business Owner
The Garden Gate Florist, South Carolina

"Working with A. David doesn't makes me feel like I'm working with a business. He always makes us feel like we're working with our partner."

April Green, AR Clerk, Keap (InfusionSoft)

"I could not have been able to walk out this vision and journey… [he] has coached me as a leader; on what to do to assist those that I lead; and also live a life of balance. I could not have been successful without those nuggets of advice…"

Angel Malone, High-Velocity Entrepreneur,
Director for Career & Technology Education for South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.

"A. David’s insights into marketing were extraordinary and yet, simple to implement. He kept our attention with really good and helpful material. I will defintiely be using the things I’ve learned in this workshop."

Melinda Jackson, Entrepreneur
Edisto Home Care & Hospice, South Carolina

"If you want to accelerate your growth; if you want someone who’s gonna understand you; somebody who’s gonna take the time to understand your business and really help you achieve your goals, then A. David Griffin is your man."

Chris Uttke, High-Volume Entrepreneur
Live Wire Electric, Philadelphia, PA

"Fresh idea have come in and been able to help, not only adding on to what we do, and adding to our bottom line very quickly… Absolutely he has made us more money!"

Todd Miller, PGA High-Volume General Manager
Santee-Cooper Resort, Inc., South Carolina


The results are in.

No one has a clue in ‘how to’ predict the future in any of todays circumstances.

Our uncertainty, is the only certainty.

“Yea, some people say sometimes it seems like I’m “beating around the bush”…that’s where the money’s at.” 

Sociologist call it “Discontinuous Change” in order to help us understand how to navigate this new reality.

But even with a label describing how things ‘feel’, there are still some outliers that resist conforming to the desperation which follows hopelessness.

In an odd sorta-way, there are some credible, and reliably defined examples of what we can be confident about…sorta.

But first let me ask you, do you assign and record your ‘direct-payments’ from your bank into your calendar?

You know, to help you remember what’s due so you won’t pay penalties.

Well, that’s an example from the old world; as we’ve come to know and trust it.

Now, and for the next few years, that scheduled payment won’t be so easily scheduled without a bit more scrutiny.

Would you agree?

It’s estimated that in 6 – 9 months most businesses we’re used to seeing in our towns and cities, will no longer be in business.

Chris Harvey, Wells Fargo Securities, Head of Equity Strategies, ©Bloomberg, Daybreak 04.02.2020

As I mentioned, there are, however, some practices and beliefs that we can still count on.

Unfortunately, like most people, you probably wouldn’t view them favorably.




And Dishonesty, are just a few of these consistently, tried-n-true practices we can hold fast as dependable and reliable.

Once you’ve settled with these hard, bone-crushing realities of doing business today and tomorrow, the better position you’ll be in to survive.

Perhaps even thrive; if you’ve go what it takes.

Simply put, accepting your new reality (ASAP) that your business might be harvested; is without a doubt; the start of this race to survive.

That is, unless you have an edge.

Like a time machine to help you get and maintain that edge.

Wouldn’t that be helpful?

‘means’ and ‘method’ you can depend upon…like discontinuous change.

“The LIE!”

There, I’ve said it.

That’s not going to happen is it?

There is no ‘time machine’.

There is not a ‘secret sauce’ or ‘magic formula’ to save your business.


All you have is your hard-wrought experiences…and your gut.

If you’re a true entrepreneur then you’ve got everything you need to bounce back.

Well, almost everything.

There are a few other arrows in your quiver you’ll need to stabilize and regain lost ground.

The exact same strategies and tactics used by the largest AAA bonded corporations, who are already showing stability in share pricing.

The premium businesses we all dream of owning a share (or two) of.

What made them so attractive and worthy of your consideration?

It’s simple.

No, they didn’t have a time machine either.

What they had – and still have – was an awareness of the greatest and most dependable resource to help them achieve dominance as pace-setters in their industry.

You too can get the benefits of understanding the value of how human behavior increases the performance and good growth of your business.

And by providing your customers the solutions they need to claw back their broken and devastated lives, your life becomes more enriched.

“Could You Have Done Anything Differently?”

I know.

I know, you’re looking for a solution to your future which appears bleak today.

I can promise you with dead-on accuracy, that if you chose to do what you’ve done in the past, or worst yet, do what your competitors are doing, you’ll be swept away with them.

If you’re able to take control of just a small portion of your quarantined or ‘stay-in-place’ circumstance, I’m inviting you to speak directly with me on April 7, 9, 13, 2020.

I’ll be discussing what I’ve already done to protect my clients from imminent disaster.

Plus, you’ll get first-hand descriptions in how you will be better positioned to come out with as little damage as possible moving forward.

I’m encouraging you to ask the questions you’ll need answers for to help you survive this extremely life-altering global event.

Simply click the link below to secure the best time for you on one of the days I’ve set aside for us to speak.


I promise you I won’t tell you what I don’t know.

And I’ll give you what I do know that works…consistently.

Seating IS LIMITeD…on purpose.

There is no money to invest.

But that doesn’t mean it’s free.

Your time is the most valuable commodity you have.

So, will you do whatever it takes to survive this global economic catastrophe?

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"Thanks to the advice of our friend A. David, our company has increased our exposure to customers and through our Joint Venture agreements, we have cut our ad-spend by 50%."

Todd Miller, PGA, General Manager
Santee-Cooper Resort, Inc. Golf Package Reservations Team

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