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“I Focus On Growth, In Every Area Of Your Life And Business, Giving You The Abundance You Want.”



  • Better hiring practices you’ll acquire…
  • At least 50% more productivity from your employees…
  • A significant reduction in lost Time & Labor earnings…
  • Something your competitors won’t have…access to the most innovative strategies that will add more profits to your bottom line…

real Results

Here Are True Real-Life Testimonies.

"I really think the program was very, very informative. Especially brought it down to the ‘small business level’. And how to relate to certain principles in small business to target the market effectively."

Darryl Cate, Small Business Owner
The Garden Gate Florist, South Carolina

"I could not have been able to walk out this vision and journey… [he] has coached me as a leader; on what to do to assist those that I lead; and also live a life of balance. I could not have been successful without those nuggets of advice…"

Angel Malone, High-Velocity Entrepreneur,
Director for Career & Technology Education for South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.

"A. David’s insights into marketing were extraordinary and yet, simple to implement. He kept our attention with really good and helpful material. I will defintiely be using the things I’ve learned in this workshop."

Melinda Jackson, Entrepreneur
Edisto Home Care & Hospice, South Carolina

"If you want to accelerate your growth; if you want someone who’s gonna understand you; somebody who’s gonna take the time to understand your business and really help you achieve your goals, then A. David Griffin is your man."

Chris Uttke, High-Volume Entrepreneur
Live Wire Electric, Philadelphia, PA

"Fresh idea have come in and been able to help, not only adding on to what we do, and adding to our bottom line very quickly… Absolutely he has made us more money!"

Todd Miller, PGA High-Volume General Manager
Santee-Cooper Resort, Inc., South Carolina


Experience The Difference

“I Promise To Give You Strategic Solutions You Can Easily Apply To Your Business; Generating Record Growth And Doubling Your Profits In 12 Months Or Less”

But even if my strategy fails to get you everything I just promised, you will still increase the value of your businesses overall productivity, by cutting waste and losses due to poor management, and wasted ad-spend… increasing your profits by at least thirty percent.

“Yea, some people say sometimes it seems like I’m “beating around the bush”…that’s where the money’s at.” 

Would you be dissatisfied with a thirty percent increase in profits in less than one year?

Then I invite you to keep reading.

It’s true, the most recent data proves our economy is strong and more stable than it’s been in over a decade.

It’s also true, that small business productivity has increased over 36 percent in the first quarter of 2019.

On the surface, even with the turmoil between U.S. and China, everything moving in the right direction.

But I still hear many business owners share that the future existence of their business is being threatened more from inside forces rather than outside forces?

“The Uncertainty Index has risen 6 points over the past three months, as more owners are unable to make a statement confidently – good or bad – about the future of economic conditions. Tariffs are adversely affecting many small firms, with 30% reporting negative effects” – NFIB September 2019 Survey

Do you feel that way too?

And yes, more people are working than the past fifteen years. Unemployment has dropped well below three percent.

Can you imagine having more customers than you know what to do with?

You are being squeezed from the outside to expand and grow. Perhaps even open in a new location, where you know there are waiting customers for you serve.

You phone your local paper, and contact the unemployment agency to run an ad for qualified workers.

But like every other small business owner, you quickly become disillusioned and fall into despair when you try and decipher the applications your manager or assistant hands you.

What’s worse is the nagging feeling of be trapped and abused by your current workers who have continued to drag your better employees down in morale and efficiency.

Do you ever get that helpless feeling every time you feel the urge to replace an employee because of their incompetence, chronic tardiness, or open display of inappropriate behavior?

Can you imagine how much worse it will probably become when your pool of candidates is very likely going to be far worse than the one you have now.

You walk away shaking your head mumbling, reminding yourself that you’re “Better off with the devil you know than the one you don’t.”

If so, you’re not alone.

“As small business owners continue to invest, expand, and try to hire, they’re doing so with less gusto than they did earlier in the year. All indications are that owners are eager to do more, but they’re uncertain about what the future holds and can’t find workers to fill the jobs they open.” – NFIB President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan

I suppose you’re wondering how I can promise you services that are guaranteed to course correct your current labor situation.

That’s a fair question to ask.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to the testimonials of those I’ve worked with recently.

But I’ll also tell you why.

Because as well as being a successful entrepreneur who has built two successful businesses, for over 20 years I’ve helped various small business owners of all shapes and sizes, navigate out of stagnation and into the blue waters of repeatable growth.

You will receive my proprietary system; producing a profit-generating culture of productivity into your existing business.

Together we work to improve your current employee base so they produce their very best and highest for your business. Breaking you free from the free-falling, out-of-control, hemorrhaging of capital.

We use a complimentary strategy of joining our Direct Results Marketing systems with what is commonly known today as Upskilling.

Upskilling focuses on giving extra training to workers to make them better at their jobs. Upscaling focuses on the multiplying effects of your business by simply installing systems that will improve productivity and quality of your overall business.

It is true that no business in the modern marketplace can afford to ignore using analytics because they need the competitive edge data-driven decisions provide, we’ve discovered that one without the other does not give you the results you need to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Especially with a large portion of your workforce is expected to retire over the next 10 years.


  • Is it fair to you to have to pay employees more who don’t produce?
  • How can you cultivate customer confidence if you have to keep passing increasing costs without improving service?
  • Can you increase your profits without downsizing your best employees?

I’m sure you’re smart enough to recognize your business is built upon the shafting sands of a chaotic political and economic climate today.

And if you’re as savvy a business owner as I think you are, then you’ve probably looked at ways to keep your labor costs down.

How’s that working for you?

I know you’re very busy and your time is valuable as is mine.

So I won’t take any more of your time.

So here’s the deal.

You can’t afford to wait around ‘hoping’ things will get better with the next ‘new hire’.

Or maybe you’re just fed up and are ready to throw in the towel.

Before you take either one of those costly steps, I invite you to give yourself a well-deserved break and make an appointment to chat with me for about 27 minutes.

Simply Click the Button Below, it’s that easy.

I promise not to waste your time and I’ll give you some ideas that are sure to put at least $10,000 back into your pockets if applied or I’ll pay you $500.00.

That’s correct.

I’ve made that promise numerous times and I have never failed at keeping my money in my pocket.

While putting more money into yours.

Is your business worth a 27 minute conversation?

Only you know the answer to that question.

I look forward to making your acquaintance and helping you get everything you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed was possible as a small business owner.

"Thanks to the advice of our friend A. David, our company has increased our exposure to customers and through our Joint Venture agreements, we have cut our ad-spend by 50%."

Todd Miller, PGA, General Manager
Santee-Cooper Resort, Inc. Golf Package Reservations Team

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Make real Progress

Would You Like To Listen In On One Of Our Sessions? Below Are Some Quick Snippets From Our Trainings:

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Dreaming Bigger

Have You Ever Dreamed Of…

As a small business owner, I believe you deserve more than a binder full of reports and statistics, dropped off to be stacked away in your desk.

You deserve to have someone who will fight for your business!

Someone you can depend on to do the things you need without wasting your time and money.

What you really want is a champion… not a coach.

What makes me a champion for your business different than all the coaches you may have worked with in the past is a fair question.

First, would you agree that a ‘coach’ is someone who watches safely from the sidelines?

A coach keep an eye on your progress and keeps you focused on your goal.

A coach is great for telegraphing in plays with directions for you to implement into your business.

In short, a coach tells you ‘how to fight’ your best fight.

Well, I’m not a coach.

Matter of fact, I’m more than a coach.

I’m your business’ ‘CHAMPION.’

There’s a BIG difference.

As your champion, I actually put myself at risk to help you get the victory you need.

That’s correct, unlike a coach… I’ve got my own ‘skin in the game’.

Remember “GLADIATOR”, the movie?

Starring Russell Crowe. Yeah, he’s the man!

Well, Russel’s a great example of what you need in today’s combative market.

Just like Russell (well, not quite); entering the dusty arena to taste victory; he’s not fighting for himself.

He’s fighting to the death for somebody else… his benefactor.

Remember, that awesome helmet. It his his true identity. Because it really wasn’t about him.

As your champion, I train secretly to enter the squared circle to fight for YOU.

And… a small monthly retainer along with an agreed-upon percentage of winnings I lay at your feet month after month.


As your champion, I’m going to win you more customers and add more growth to your business and the quality of your life.

I bring my battle-proven experiences and shape skills to ensure your victory over and over again.

That’s the difference between hiring a ‘coach’ and partnering with me, YOUR CHAMPION.


And Start Growing Your Business