“Is Your Business Ready for ‘that’ Conversation?”

Avoid #1 Unexpected Trap Crippling Businesses Just Like Yours

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Is Your Business Ready for ‘that’ Conversation?

A. David Griffin,
Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions

Imagine facing your employees as they pass you in the parking garage.

It’s obvious neither of you know what to say.

You’ve got to make the first move.

It’s expected.

You’re the boss.

Would it be crazy to think this could be you?

Can you see this happening sooner than later; if it hasn’t already?

What if I promised you I could make all the rest of your morning encounters stress free?

Would you like that?

Simply CLICK HERE to get started today.

Don’t stress out about what we’ll talk about.

I’ll ask a few questions to determine if I can even be of help.

 It’s time to be Better – Stronger – and Prepared for those future interruptions – which will inevitably come along.

"Thanks to the advice of our friend A. David, our company has increased our exposure to customers and through our Joint Venture agreements, we have cut our ad-spend by 50%."

Todd Miller, PGA, General Manager
Santee-Cooper Resort, Inc. Golf Package Reservations Team

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Here Are True Real-Life Testimonies.

"I could not have been able to walk out this vision and journey… [he] has coached me as a leader; on what to do to assist those that I lead; and also live a life of balance. I could not have been successful without those nuggets of advice…"

Angel Malone, High-Velocity Entrepreneur,
Director for Career & Technology Education for South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.

"A. David’s insights into marketing were extraordinary and yet, simple to implement. He kept our attention with really good and helpful material. I will defintiely be using the things I’ve learned in this workshop."

Melinda Jackson, Entrepreneur
Edisto Home Care & Hospice, South Carolina

"If you want to accelerate your growth; if you want someone who’s gonna understand you; somebody who’s gonna take the time to understand your business and really help you achieve your goals, then A. David Griffin is your man."

Chris Uttke, High-Volume Entrepreneur
Live Wire Electric, Philadelphia, PA

"Fresh idea have come in and been able to help, not only adding on to what we do, and adding to our bottom line very quickly… Absolutely he has made us more money!"

Todd Miller, PGA High-Volume General Manager
Santee-Cooper Resort, Inc., South Carolina

"Week by week, A. David has pushed me with piercing questions and readings outside my comfort zone. Every meeting is a chance to throw off everything that hinders and run with perseverance the race marked out for me. I hired Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions thinking that I needed help with advertising but what I found instead was a true Barnabas, a brother of encouragement, who spurs me on to work in the true gifting that God has equipped me with."

by Reverend J.P. Sibley, M. Div, Pastor | Listen To The Full Testimonial Below